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YAY! We are here.. In my city Copenhagen.. It’s a lot to travel around with 2 kids, but I love to do it anyway, cause I think it is so important for them to meet the family over here and see where we grew up. Denmark is so different from Los Angeles in so many ways and I love for my kids to see this part of the world..

We always stay at Skt Petri Hotel when in Copenhagen.. It is such a great hotel located in the middle if the city.. The rooms are super stylish and me and Nicolai have some great memories from this place..  Can’t wait to show you more photos from this beautiful city.

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Cover Stories

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[ source: vogue ]

I just LOVE this cover with Natasha Poly for Vogue Paris june/july issue.. It’s my favourite cover of this summer so far and I can’t wait until I get the chance to browse through this issue by the poolside or on a blanket in my garden..

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