10 things you don’t know about me

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1. I listen to the songs from Frozen even when the kids are not in the car. Just love the music from Bianca’s favorite movie.

2. Since I came to Denmark a week ago I’ve been living of flodeboller. I must have eaten at least 50 since we got here. They are so addictive.

3. I lay in bed next to Bianca every night until she falls asleep. Before we had kids I had many great ideas about kids and their sleep.. Well, it didn’t turned out quite as I though it would. But to be honest.. Most of the nights I really enjoy that time next to my little girl. (Benjamin falls asleep super easy every night and sleeps all by himself without me holding he’s hand)

4. I am obsessed with perfect manicures nails.. If one nail chip I have to remove everything and do them perfect again..

5. If I could only eat one thing rest of my life it would be pasta. I eat it almost everyday and I never get sick of it.

6. One thing I am super obsessed about right now is truffle salt. I put it on most of my food and it just taste amazing.

7. I sleep on my stomach with my left side of the face on my pillow.

8. I love taking naps. As soon as I feel I am running out of energy I try to take a power nap and sometimes even looong naps. It makes me a better person when I get my sleep.

9. I love traveling and exploring the world.. But you know what I love the most? Just being at home with my family.

10. I am a quarter Brazilian. My grandmother was from Brazil and I have a lot of relatives there. I am in love with that country and feel very alive when I am there.

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A perfect day

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Today was the best day in a very long time.. I got to hang out with my best friend Manja, my two brothers and all the kids. We started the day with breakfast together, continued to the beach and ended it with dinner.. I must say this vacation has been amazing. The kids have been so happy to see everyone in Scandinavia and I feel totally relaxed.. No work, no stress. Pure vacation..

To be around family and good friends is all that matters.. So thankful for what I have

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