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I have always been a huge fan of flea markets. I love strolling around, stopping here and there and digging through the many booths and tables with knick knacks in the search for that special find. Every time I go I get inspired – not only from the people watching but also from the stories each and every item comes with. I like that it’s second hand and I don’t mind the scratches and the imperfection – I think it creates a balance, especially when you pair it with some of the more modern pieces we have at home.

Last Sunday we went to the flea market on Fairfax and Melrose. We found this super cool industrial lamp and I’ve placed it on our library where I dream of having time to sit down and read some fashion magazines sometime soon.

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[ Photo by: Ulrika Göransson ]

Not long ago we redid our living room, this gorgeous built in bookshelf used to be almost as dark as the floor, but now thanks to a couple of buckets of matte white paint the whole room feels airy and fresh. Last weekend I went to the flea market and browsed around for cool pieces to fill up the shelves with and found some vintage candle sticks, a cool Beatles book and some pretty crystal vases. I LOVE to start projects, and I guess you can say that this is my current little project at home which will be running until this bookshelf is filled up with cool stuff. I will keep you in the loop…

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Haha. This is so SPOT ON! When you are a mom there is no time for rest. I will sleep in 18 years when both kids have moved out from the house.

But the truth is. I love being a mom and would’t change it for anything in the world..

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“This georgeus black piece is a design collaboration between Theyouways fashion director Pamela Bellafesta and Stylein… I love to wear mine over jeans and match with boots to create a harder look.. You can also wear it as a dress for a dressier look. Use your fantasi and you can wear this dress in so many ways..

Hat Sira Ryf|Dress PamforStylein|Jeans & Boots ANINE BING|


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Natasha Poly is really glowing on this month’s cover of Vogue Paris shot by Mario Testino. I simply love how natural and healthy it comes off. Also, her baby daughter Alexandra is just too cute…


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